S*GoodNews Abessinier

Uppfödare av abessinier sedan 2001

Vackra, fina Tessa söker ett nytt hem.

Efter en hel del vånda har jag fattat ett hårt men nödvändigt beslut. Min vackra Tessa ska få avsluta sin karriär som avelshona och flytta till ett nytt hem.

Tessa är en frisk 2,8 år gammal, kastrerad sorrelaby. Snäll, nyfiken, gosig och som de flesta abessinier intresserad av matlagning. 😉 Hon kommer vid flytten att vara vaccinerad och besiktad.

Pris: 6000 kr

Vid intresse kontakta agnetha@goodnewsaby.com


Den 1 februari föddes en ny kull med abessinierkattungar hos Stina och Sebbe i Bagarmossen, Stockholm.

Mamma till ungarna är IC Abystyle’s Ma Demoiselle och pappa är DK Wimmerhales Bisbee.

Om du är intresserad av en av ungarna, läs gärna först igenom vår information till kattungeköpare, där hittar du svar på många av de vanligaste frågorna som vi brukar få.

Det är mycket viktigt för oss att våra kattungar får ett bra liv hos sina nya familjer. När du kontaktar oss vill vi därför att du berättar lite om dig själv och det liv som du kan erbjuda kattungen. Boendesituation, eventuell familj, andra katter eller övriga husdjur – ju mer du kan berätta, desto bättre!

Vi använder oss inte av “först till kvarn”-principen när vi matchar ihop våra kattungar med deras nya ägare, istället väljer vi de personer som vi upplever är bäst lämpade för att ta hand om kattungarna och ge dem ett bra liv. ❤️

Varmt välkommen att skicka din intresseanmälan till Stina på stinaronnlund (at) gmail.com

OBS: Med tanke på den osäkra situation som just nu råder i Sverige på grund av det nya coronaviruset, covid 19, tar vi tills vidare inte emot några besökare. Så fort situationen har stabiliserats och vi vet mer, hoppas vi att kunna ta emot besökare i vårt hem som vanligt. 

V-kullen, födda 2020-02-01

Hona, aby p (fawn)

Hona, aby o (sorrel)

Hona, aby o (sorrel)

Hane, aby o (sorrel)

Vi väntar kattungar i september!

IC S*GoodNews Quintessa väntar ungar i slutet av september 2019! Pappa till kullen är Wil-o-Glen’s Carlos Santana. Vi tackar Carolyn Osier, Carlos uppfödare, och ägaren Margit Bøgeskov Thomsen, Wimmerhales Abessinier, som har gett oss möjligheten att använda Carlos. ❤

Kullen kommer att finnas hos Agnetha i Piteå. Kontakt: agnetha (at ) goodnewsaby.com

Wil-o-Glen’s Carlos Santana, aby o

IC S*GoodNews Quintessa, aby o

(English: IC S*GoodNews Quintessa and Wil-o-Glen’s Carlos Santana are expecting kittens in the end of September. We want to thank the breeder, Carolyn Osier, and the owner, Margit Bøgeskov Thomsen, Wimmerhale’s Abyssinians, for the opportunity to use Carlos.)

Vi väntar kattungar i augusti!

Vår egen IC S*GoodNews Nala väntar kattungar i mitten av augusti 2019, tillsammans med IC TacoVilla’s Agent Cooper JW. Vi är så glada över att ha fått chansen att använda denna fina hane, som kommer från den erfarna abessinieruppfödaren Marianne Roth i Odense, Danmark. Tack för förtroendet, Marianne, och ett extra stort tack för att Nala fick en så fin vistelse hos dig i Odense! ❤ (Klicka här för att läsa mer om Taco Villa’s Abyssinians.)

IC Taco Villa’s Agent Cooper JW, ABY n. Foto: Marianne Roth

IC S*GoodNews Nala, ABY n

Kullen kommer finnas hos Stina och Sebbe i Bagarmossen, Stockholm.  Läs gärna mer om vad det innebär att köpa en abessinier från S*GoodNews här. Varmt välkommen att ta kontakt med oss!

Enklast når du oss via mejl:  stinaronnlund ( at ) gmail.com eller agnetha ( at ) goodnewsaby.com

(English: We are expecting kittens in August! Sire: IC Taco Villa’s Agent Cooper JW. Dame: IC S*GoodNews Nala.)

Come meet us at Norrskenskattens cat show!

Our cat club, Norrskenskatten, is arranging an international cat show in Luleå this coming weekend. If you are in the area, you are welcome to come by and see lots and lots of beautiful cats from a large variety of breeds.

Aby summer in the north ❤️

Agnetha has had a wonderful time together with the cats in her summer home in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Bothnia.  This unusually hot summer has brought many, many memorable stories, but in short:

The kittens of the S-litter  have been growing, and climbing to dangerous altitudes in the pines growing closest to the cabin. Ofelia and Leia have been chasing mice! Pietro has mostly  been hiding from a very dangerous reindeer.  ? The latest addition to the family, Quintessa, has proven to adapt extremely well to all of the above ☺️

As autumn approaches, we look back in gratitude on a wonderful, energizing and enlightening summer season. ❤️ Agnetha has taken a lot of beautiful pictures, please enjoy a few of them:


(All of the kittens of the S-litter have found their new human parents ❤️, and will be moving out soon. More details will follow ?)

Wishing you all a great start of the autumn season!

//Stina and Agnetha

Kittens, kittens, kittens!

At the moment, we have kittens for sale! Read more under Kittens/Kattungar.

S*GoodNews Stingray & S*GoodNews Saga

Showbrag: S*GoodNews Quintessa

S*GoodNews Quintessa has moved out from Stina and Sebbe’s – home to Agnetha! Quintessa has already charmed Agnetha with her easy-going temper and beautiful look. In the beginning of July, they went to Olou, Finland, for Quintessas very first show. We are extremely happy to announce that on Sunday Quintessa was awarded both Best in Variant (against three adult Abys!) and Best in Show. Agnetha was very proud and cried a lot of happy tears

Best in Show!

(Quintessa’s and Agnetha’s next show will be in Sundsvall, last weekend in August. Stina will join them there, with Quintessa’s brother Quincy!)

❤ The S-litter is 4 weeks ❤


Stingray, Saga and Scirocco

Stingray, Saga and Scirocco

The one-eyed boy ❤

A very special boy is leaving our home today.

As a new breeder, I (Stina) guess you learn something new with each litter and with every kitten. With Quinn, the lesson was a painful one.

At about 2 months of age, he developed an eye infection. I had seen the exact same symptoms in all of the kittens from the previous litter and thought I could cure it easily. With just some saline solution, this would “clear up”.

Unfortunately for Quinn, I was very wrong. Some time went by and although I could see that his eye had not improved, I decided to “wait”.

When Agnetha came to visit, she immediately saw that his eye needed veterinary attention. So that same day we went to the vet, who confirmed Agnethas initial observation:

Quinns eye was in really bad shape and the prognosis was not good. His cornea was damaged, maybe from a puncture wound. Or maybe from the infection itself.

In the following weeks, we fought to save his eye. Painkillers, antibiotics, cortisone and a range of other drugs and eye drops.

Sadly, the treatment did not help. If anything, Quinns eye had gotten even worse. I then had to make a very hard decision – keep treating the eye, do surgery, hoping it would somehow heal (Vets said the odds were 50/50), or remove the eye. I decided on the latter.

The procedure was fairly uncomplicated, and the surgical scar healed fast. Quinn recovered within days, and when I saw him playing happily and painlessly with his siblings I knew I had made the right decision.

I am sure that most of you who are reading this, can imagine how badly I have been blaming myself. I wish I had known how important it is to take eye issues seriously. I was simply too inexperienced. Maybe I had also taken on too big of a task, raising two litters very shortly after one another. My lack of experience and judgement is the reason he lost his eye. This is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I have learned a very valuable lesson, and next time I will know how important it is to check your kittens eyes immediately, if anything seems out the ordinary. I am just so sad that someone literally had to lose an eye for me to learn this. ☹️

If I could have given my own eye to save his, I absolutely would have. What I actually could do, was to stop crying and give him what every kitten deserves: An amazing life.

We (Sebbe and Stina) had already fallen in love with Quinn. During the long weeks of constant eye treatments, we got really close to him. Even after we had to put painful drops in his poor eye, and force pills down his throat, he trusted us. We formed a very special bond with this amazingly brave little cat. We were definitely going to keep him.

Then the phone rang.

A woman was asking if we had any available kittens. I explained the situation, and she said “That doesn’t matter, at all. The important thing is that he is healthy and that he has a good temperament.”

The person who called turned out to be Quinns future human mom, Hanna. ❤

When Hanna and Robin came to visit Quinn, they just sat with him for the longest time. There was so much love in the room. There was no question: they belonged together.

That is why Quinn is, after all, a very lucky kitten.

Needless to say, this loving and warm soul will be very much missed. But things could not have turned out better.

And look how beautiful he is:

Quinn, we are so sorry you lost your eye. We learned so much from you. Your kind and trusting spirit will be in our hearts forever. We wish you the best life, and we know that you will be very happy with Hanna and Robin. ❤❤❤

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