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Good luck, sweet baby girl!

Today is moving day for Quiara! She is the first of the Q-litter to leave home. Quiara is moving to Oslo to live with Enzo, who is an 8 year old Sacred Birman. Enzo recently lost his long-time cat companion Saga, and Quiara will become his new cat sister! Her new human parents, Gudrun and Öyvind, are very happy to welcome Quiara in the family!

Quiara: we love you and we are very proud of you.
We know that you will bring some much needed companionship to Enzo, and a lot of joy for your new human parents.

Good luck in your new home, sweet and funny girl. We wish you a long, healthy and happy life. ❤


First day on the outside!


Mommy Nour with the newborns <3


So cute <3




Princess Quiara <3



Relaxing in bed, best time ever!


Available kittens

Tamino, blue male & Papageno, fawn male. Both available.

Papageno enjoying some much needed rest inbetween crazy runs.

Tamino ?

Pamina, ruddy female (not available) & Papagena, ruddy female (available).

Papageno ❤ Papagena. Both available.

Tamino is such a sweet boy. It will be so hard to let him go! ?

The P-litter is such a lovely gang! Super sociable and easy-going. If you are interested in becoming their new human family, please email Stina at stinaronnlund ( at ) gmail.com and tell us a little bit about yourself.  You can write in Swedish or English, which ever you prefer. (The website is in English so that all our international friends can understand this as well ?)

We want the best possible homes for each of the kittens and we will want to meet you in person. You are very welcome to visit us in our home in Skarpnäck, to meet with the kittens in their home environment.

All our kittens are sold according to Sverak rules and will also be neutered before moving to their new homes. ❤

Report from the nursery

Kittens are gaining weight nicely, thanks to Nala who seems to have plenty of milk for them. She is such a good mom!

Well-deserved nap. Raising four kids is exhausting!

(Bonus info: The names are from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Human dad Sebbe is a music teacher, and The Magic Flute is one of his favorite operas. He chose the individual names and is especially happy with naming the blue one Prince Tamino, since blue is the color of royalty.)

Wishing you all a nice and relaxing weekend!

Kittens have arrived! ❤

Yesterday on the 5th of December, Nala gave birth to four beautiful kittens. She went into labour at 5 PM and 10 minutes later the first kitten was born! After another 10 minutes, the second kitten arrived. The third one came at 5:45, and the fourth one at 6:27!

Human mom, Stina, did not make it home in time for the first two births ☹️ but human dad Sebbe did an amazing job calming Nala and welcoming her first kittens into the world! (Agnetha was able to support Sebbe, and see the entire delivery live via Messenger video.)

So far, everything has been going well and Nala has proven to be a wonderful mom ❤ Kittens seem fine, but it is still early days, so let’s hope that they keep eating, sleeping and growing. The first couple of days are always critical and we will keep a very close eye on Nala and her kittens to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy. ?

Introducing, for the very first time: Nala and her first litter of kittens! ? (More pictures and updates on the kittens WILL follow, so watch this space!)

Blue male, fawn male, ruddy girl AND ruddy girl.

Tired but very happy mommy.