Uppfödare av abessinier sedan 2001

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Vi väntar kattungar i september!

IC S*GoodNews Quintessa väntar ungar i slutet av september 2019! Pappa till kullen är Wil-o-Glen’s Carlos Santana. Vi tackar Carolyn Osier, Carlos uppfödare, och ägaren Margit Bøgeskov Thomsen, Wimmerhales Abessinier, som har gett oss möjligheten att använda Carlos. ❤

Kullen kommer att finnas hos Agnetha i Piteå. Kontakt: agnetha (at ) goodnewsaby.com

Wil-o-Glen’s Carlos Santana, aby o

IC S*GoodNews Quintessa, aby o

(English: IC S*GoodNews Quintessa and Wil-o-Glen’s Carlos Santana are expecting kittens in the end of September. We want to thank the breeder, Carolyn Osier, and the owner, Margit Bøgeskov Thomsen, Wimmerhale’s Abyssinians, for the opportunity to use Carlos.)

Aby summer in the north ❤️

Agnetha has had a wonderful time together with the cats in her summer home in the northernmost part of the Gulf of Bothnia.  This unusually hot summer has brought many, many memorable stories, but in short:

The kittens of the S-litter  have been growing, and climbing to dangerous altitudes in the pines growing closest to the cabin. Ofelia and Leia have been chasing mice! Pietro has mostly  been hiding from a very dangerous reindeer.  ? The latest addition to the family, Quintessa, has proven to adapt extremely well to all of the above ☺️

As autumn approaches, we look back in gratitude on a wonderful, energizing and enlightening summer season. ❤️ Agnetha has taken a lot of beautiful pictures, please enjoy a few of them:


(All of the kittens of the S-litter have found their new human parents ❤️, and will be moving out soon. More details will follow ?)

Wishing you all a great start of the autumn season!

//Stina and Agnetha

Showbrag: S*GoodNews Quintessa

S*GoodNews Quintessa has moved out from Stina and Sebbe’s – home to Agnetha! Quintessa has already charmed Agnetha with her easy-going temper and beautiful look. In the beginning of July, they went to Olou, Finland, for Quintessas very first show. We are extremely happy to announce that on Sunday Quintessa was awarded both Best in Variant (against three adult Abys!) and Best in Show. Agnetha was very proud and cried a lot of happy tears

Best in Show!

(Quintessa’s and Agnetha’s next show will be in Sundsvall, last weekend in August. Stina will join them there, with Quintessa’s brother Quincy!)