S*GoodNews Abessinier

Uppfödare av abessinier sedan 2001

Författare: goodnewsaby.com

Så kom hon då äntligen!

FI*Nebuankhet Sansanvi, aka Lilly. Jojjes barnbarn. ❤️

Vackra, fina Tessa har flyttat.

Tessa bor numera hos Karolina och Albin tillsammans med sin dotter Xenia.

❤ The S-litter is 4 weeks ❤


Stingray, Saga and Scirocco

Stingray, Saga and Scirocco

Fodervärd sökes

Vi söker en fodervärd till Quincy, gärna i Stockholmsområdet men det är inget måste. Hör gärna av er om ni har funderingar!

❤️ Malalas babies ❤️

On May 4th Malala delivered 4 babies. It was a complicated birth. The first one came with his umbilical cord around his neck and was stillborn. Then she had a girl and a boy both ruddy and after 11 hours the fourth baby was born, he felt strange and did not make a sound. On Sunday morning he was found dead.

One would have hoped that this was it but Malala had not enough milk so Harri and Benjamin had to find some other cat mom with babies. Luckly they knew an Oci Breeder, SE*Alsmarks with Oci-kittens who offered to take care of these babies.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Cecilia and Bjorn Alsmark! ❤️❤️

And of course also Harri and Benjamin. ❤❤

The pictures are from Alsmark.

I want to thank Stina and Sebastian for their hospitality last weekend when I had the privilege to visit them and our cats. ❤❤❤

This is Quincy whom we hope to find a fosterhome to.



Liten Nala

Som snart ska bli mamma.

We’re expecting

We are expecting kittens first week in December!

IC S*GoodNews Nala will be mother for the first time. Father of the litter is IC DK Luna-Ticks I’m All-In-One. This will be so exciting!

IC S*GoodNews Nala.